Sunday, May 10, 2015

Art Event #1

Art Event #1

Last week I ended up going around to watch the Upper level digital Media class present their Digital artworks by projecting them onto different surfaces through out the campus. I could this to be a pretty cool and interesting idea for show casing the artwork that they had done throughout the semester in a way that shows how digital media can be integrated in so many different ways. Also, I found this to be a great alternative to the usual displaying of art solely in the inside on monty.

This project was one that i found particularly interesting because it combined digital media with a physical surface in a way that would normally be permanent. The projection made it seems though the bricks were being spray painted by actively painting onto the brick in a steady video like way. Its a really interesting concept that shows how art can be projected onto a surface without it becoming permanent. Lastly, the really cool concept was that you were able to actively see the art come to life.

The next art project that i stopped at was a video of a figure dancing. This one was pretty cool in the way that they were able to animate the image of the person dancing an then loop it through. I find it super impressive that they were able to accomplish this in such a visual smooth way and so the video if always looking so fluid.

Overall, i found this art exibition to be very cool due to the interesting concept of projecting digital art onto natural surfaces. It also impressed me just how well some of the groups were able to combined natural surfaces with digital art.