Monday, March 9, 2015

Vector Artist Post

Cristiano Siqueira 

Cristiano Siqueira is a Vector artist who uses Adobe Illustartor to create his artwork. Cristiano has been working professionally since 2005 and has been featured in many magazines and also has worked for clients such as ESPN, Under Armour, UFC, and Nike. Cristiano started out his career as a graphic designer who often did projects for books, cd covers, magazines, and posters. In 2011, Cristiano won his first major award which was a Clio award for public service in Print media.

The pieces I chose above were from a series of vector images that he did for Nike that were to be placed on t-shirts. These really stuck out to me because normally when I would see these on a t-shirt and not actually think that there is an artist that create these images. It gives me a much better appreciation now for when I see designs on shirts now that i know what has gone into making them. Also, I thought it was very cool and interesting that Nike will higher vector artist and pay them to do t-shirt designs.

Cristiano's artwork is very interesting in the sense that he creates these images from lines and points. Before learning about vector images and Adobe illustrator I would have never been able to fully appreciate what goes into creating these images. For example in the image above, Cristiano had to individual map out his lines and use color filling to be able to create an image of two well known celebrities. In order for us to be able to figure out who they were without him telling us requires tremendous skill on his part. Overall, I found Cristiano's work to be interesting a very cool. Especially after I was able to see how many well known companies he has worked for.

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